Katie Lovellette
Katie Lovellette

Katie L.

I’m not afraid to show my emotions.

I’ve had many struggles throughout my life, just like everyone else. It is not your struggle that defines you. It is what you do in response that defines you. I am resilient. I don’t give up. I don’t back down when faced with adversity. I speak my mind. I stand up and fight for myself and others even if it means I have to make sacrifices. It takes courage to do this.

I own my truth. All of my truth, good and bad. I am kind, passionate, empathetic, creative and compassionate. However, I accept that I am not perfect. I am also insecure, impatient, short tempered and stubborn.  Despite having many successes, sometimes I fail and make mistakes. When I fail, I get back up and try again. If I make a mistake, I own up to it and try to make it right.

I have integrity and strong moral convictions. I’m not reluctant to say how I feel. I always try to do the right thing even if no one is watching. I always strive to be a better person. Strength comes with knowing you are not perfect.

I’m not afraid to show my emotions. I have ups and downs. The downs don’t show I’m weak, they only show I am vulnerable and need some support. Accepting the support is what makes me strong. Giving encouragement and support to my friends also makes me strong. A strong woman isn’t afraid to ask for help.

Above all else, the two things that make me strongest are my adult daughters. I raised them to be strong, independent young women. Their courage and conviction give me strength every day. I am incredibly proud that I am a role model to them!