The We Are Empowerment Project’s mission goes well beyond a photo.

We believe that every woman is powerful, and they deserve to be highlighted. Our mission is to empower everyone to recognize the strength within every woman and share it with others.

Meet the team


Lesley M-I.

Empower Director
Lesley joined the We Are Empowerment project as a compassionate supporter in 2019. An advocate and survivor, she believes all women should have their voice heard and everyone should listen. Growing up in Davis with a hard-working mom, she saw powerful women fight for success in the professional world.

Lesley took part in the What I Be Project in 2013 and has always been open to sharing her story. With the rise of the Me Too movement, all women have felt empowered to speak up. Through this, Lesley has been an advocate for mental health and doing the work it takes to heal as a survivor.

Working with Steve to launch the project in 2021, Lesley was brought on as the Empower Director. Lesley oversees all communications and social media operations. It’s important for the team to always have a woman’s voice at the head of the table.

Steve R.

The We Are Empowerment Project came about when founder and photographer Steve Rosenfield saw a photo series that in his words “just missed the mark”. Steve wanted to find a way to photograph the women in his life and highlight that which makes them feel powerful. In his early years, he was raised in Boston by his mother and sister. He has always admired the strong women in his life. More importantly, he admired the strength they found within themselves.

With the success and joy that the What I Be project has brought him, he envisioned another project. Through the What I Be project Steve heard countless stories and saw the strength that women have. He began reaching out to the friends and women around him. He asked them to share their stories about what makes them strong and photographed them in their surroundings. While continuing to create a space for women to speak their truth, the We Are Empowerment project invites anyone to nominate a woman in their life and tell us what makes them strong.

One goal that came about in this project was to combat the lack of men advocating for women. With the We Are Empowerment project we want to engage men in recognizing the strength in the women around them and become an ally. Because we feel that “Real men empower women”.