jamie green
jamie green

Jamie G.

She is the warmth and power of the divine itself.

I nominate my wife, Jamie Green and honor her as someone who I see as a strong and beautiful female in my life. There are many reasons for seeing her this way. The first and most powerful is how she carries a fierce desire to always be willing to face the the parts of her that she wants to change within and be open to discovering the pieces of herself that often times people might shy away from. It has been a big part of her journey to understand the wounds and patterns that lie deep within her being and unravel them with a fearless and loving capability. In doing this she also naturally has the ability to do this for others almost effortlessly. To do this one must be vulnerable with those in their lives. This has bee a huge component the admiration that I have for her. The vulnerability that this has taught me as man living in today’s world has been a incredible gift. It has offered me an opportunity to learn and connect at a deeper level with all relationships in my life, including one of my most cherished, our children. I wasn’t taught this growing up and had to learn it in my adult life. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a witness to her work in this realm and it is an honor to be a part of it with her.

The other part that I would like to honor is her incredible capability as a mother. She is AMAZING! Her patience and desire to be the best mom is incredible. Some times to a fault as she will judge herself heavily if she feels she could have done better. When we first became parents together, she was an advocate for us taking parenting classes. We signed up for ‘Parenting from the Heart’. This was the first step in our process together parenting and I witnessed her desire to retain all the knowledge possible to create a safe and loving space for our children and to be the best mother that she possibly could to our children. Words will never express the gratitude and respect I have for her desire to create this space and not carry our old patterns into parenthood without this awareness. I love her so much for this. It taught me so much about myself as well and has allowed for a bond with our children that is irreplaceable. Parenting has been so rewarding for this reason alone.

Jamie is a warrior of love. She is the warmth and power of the divine itself. I honor and love this woman to the moon and back. I am so blessed to be a witness to such beauty and courage. Thank you Jamie for all you bring to the world. Your work will certainly carry on to help so many men women and children to find their strength.