Liz Romeril
Liz Romeril

Liz R.

Liz demonstrates to me frequently what strength really is.

I may be able to carry more groceries inside than Liz, but her fortitude greatly surpasses my own.  Early on in our relationship, I saw how she could recognize a better path; she had strength to leave what was comfortable, for what was new, in both her personal and professional life.

Liz has an incredible strength to make a decision and see it through.  She takes time to research benefits and disadvantages and weighs them carefully, and decides what is best for her, and what is best for her family.  She never chooses the easy path, solely because it is the easy path.  A perfect example of this is when she was first pregnant, she read books, and searched the internet and learned about different methods of childbirth, and also learned of all of the processes that newborn babies face at the hospital.  Liz then decided on a childbirth method and formed a birth plan complete with contingencies.

When Liz is faced with troubles or difficulties, even ones caused by my shortcomings, she doesn’t let them break her, she faces them and conquers them.  Liz demonstrates to me frequently what strength really is.  I’m grateful for her, and I love her.