kay tarson
kay tarson

Kay T.

Kay is a strong woman and the way she leans into “the work” has always been inspiring to me.

Let me tell you about a really great friend of mine and someone who I’d like to empower. Kay Tarson has been my closest friend since we met back in late 2015 and ended up attending a Mission 22 Seminar in McKinney, Tx. From then on, I began attending a Sunday Open Mat at her home school, now Renzo Gracie Houston.

As our friendship grew, we shared our stories with each other. It was then that I knew Kay would be the person that I could share my journey with. In turn, we developed a friendship that my life has become richer from 10 fold. Kay is compassionate, caring, and empathetic. She listens and is a straight shooter. Kay understands how to sit in a moment with you and offer what is needed, many times words are unnecessary. Kay is a strong woman and the way she leans into “the work” has always been inspiring to me. She has been open about her sobriety journey and she has earned my ultimate respect.

My Mom passed away in 2007 and Kay has not only been an exceptional and dear friend, but she has been a surrogate Mom for my family during times they cannot be there. I have learned so much from her perspective, from her experience, and from her journey. Kay is a Mom to her own kids, but she is a Jiu-Jitsu Mom to a plethora more. I feel so very lucky to have Kay in my life. As my friend, she created criteria that one must pass if they are to date me, I mean come on, if that isn’t a Mom I don’t know what is.

She genuinely cares, she genuinely feels, and her authenticity even with the hurdles she overcomes or struggles with is just amazing to watch. I’m not sure if you all have a Kay in your life, but she has been truly an incredible friend. I watch her nurture and mentor women and so many just gravitate to her, she has that thing about her that is approachable. She is like Oprah, once you talk to her, you’re bound to find a new inner you and you’ll be crying. I’m so proud of who Kay is, and that is why immediately, she is the person I chose.