Kathryn Le
Kathryn Le

Kathryn L.

I get great satisfaction from my girlfriends.

Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to read what I have written.  Empowerment is knowledge and knowledge comes from reading, sharing, listening and learning.  I have nothing to “teach” in the academic sense of the word, but as a professional Woman-Mom-Wife at 58, I want to share my experience just in case I can teach others what I have learned at 58 years young!

Let me start by saying I am empowered by me!  I can say that now, but getting to self-empowerment has been a journey.  You must let a variety of people in, (the good and the bad), to shape and mold what you will become.  I have many, many, people, places and things which empower me, and I am going to share a little about those, but I want to focus on what it means to be a woman of empowerment in 2018, first.

We (women) are in an iconic time in the world (a little cliché, but true!)  We have opportunities now which are endless.  (There is still work to be done, as always, but we have come a long way ladies!) I have a bit of proof:  I was born in 1960 in a small town to an amazing Mom and Dad.  My Mom was an immigrant.  She came to this country at 15 by herself to “an aunt,” and spoke no English.  She received a high school education and married my Dad at 20, who was 13 years her senior, (he was the most amazing person I have ever met! – I just lost him last year☹) My Dad was an Optometrist, well-educated and fully committed to our family.  An amazing Dad!! However, my Mom had the biggest job!  She raised two amazing girls and had the best “job title” ever:  housewife.  I share this with you because I want to give credit to being a housewife!  It was (AND IS) a “BIG JOB.”  However, look where we are today? I look at where I am today:  I have a profession and I am also a Housewife, Mother, Wife, Cleaner of all things sticky, Driver, Nurse, Dietician, Listener, Friend and Bread Winner.  I am where I am today because WE (women) wanted more; WE (women) knew we could do more; WE (women) made it happen!  I have spent much time commiserating over what my Mom missed without an education and a profession?  What purpose and contribution she could have experienced and given herself and others? But you can’t go backwards….I am now focused on sharing my voice to those who are younger who have the opportunity to make it happen, not only for their personal self-worth and purpose, but to be a part of continuing the growth and contribution women have for our future.

So, what is empowering to me and what empowered me to get here?  The list is long, but I would say the most important have been, Mom and Dad, learning and education, my husband and my son, my friends, my bosses, Yoga (I wish I had started practicing sooner – too think of what it could have contributed years ago??) and an instinct I attribute to my Mom and Dad:  tenacity! (Get it girls – it will never fail you!)

My husband was hard to find, ladies.  He was worth the wait.  Have patience when picking your partner.  My hubbie empowers me by letting me be me.  He supports me with unconditional love and he is an amazing Dad!  I don’t feel all of us will find “that” person because many of us are so strong that walking alone is empowerment in and of itself.  Having some long term or some short terms partners, is extremely empowering.  Enjoy your time “to yourself.”  Be individual.  Even though I am married, I enjoy my time, my individuality, my drishti.  It is empowering!

My son!  He was the cornerstone for my self-empowerment.  (please do not interpret this to mean that the path to self-empowerment only comes with being a Mom, NO! – it just happens to be a biggy for me😊) We are empowered to set an example for all, but raising a child is an injection of self-empowerment we don’t see coming.  My son is now 18; I have raised an adult. He does not know this but everything I do is to set an example about how powerful woman are!  I have always worked.  I am self-supporting through my own contributions.  All I have and will have come from hard work.  I struggled with working and raising a child but there was no choice.  I am extremely proud of the child I have raised.  Every day he empowers me to stay current, to understand our world, to be a leader, to stay healthy in mind and body, to have an opinion, and to embrace and be kind to all.

Friends!  I have great friends which come in all different “levels.”  I have my best friend, I have bestie’s; I have amazing acquaintances who I consider friends, and all empower me differently.  I have my work goddesses!  Do you ever think about your encounters with acquaintances who you see daily?  Walking through life connecting with different people daily empowers me.  I get nuggets from everyone.  I also consciously try and give back.  I get great satisfaction from my girlfriends.  As I get older it is hard to stay connected to all, but make it happen!  Nothing empowers me more than being there for my best friend.  We have been friends for-ever!  We go through everything together.  She is a huge source of empowerment for me.  We don’t always agree but we have each other’s back always.

I will close by sending all who take the time to read this a huge girl power injection of empowerment.  (and a big hug!)  Be kind to all. Put yourself first so you can be the best person for others.  Take a stand and listen to others with more experience than you….(but always go with YOUR gut!)

Love to the women who make our planet great😊