Hannah Pearl Clarke
Hannah Pearl Clarke

Hannah P-C.

And yet here I am, resilient AF, still fighting my way through life!

Female ‘strength’ is a funny one right? I think my perception of this has definitely changed over the last few years – mostly down to my personal experiences and realizing where my ‘strength’ is rooted. I think we believe that we have to go through hardships and challenges to BECOME stronger however I beg to differ! My own resilience often surprises me, I find myself saying ‘how much more can I take?’ and yet I do. This, I suppose, has lead me to the belief that we are created with this incredible inner strength, just ready and waiting IF and WHEN we need it. We never had to be ‘broken’ to become stronger we just had an innate strength that we were able to access during challenging times.
The biggest turning point for me personally was the decision 3-ish years ago to leave my hometown, family, and a 5-year engagement to come out, pursue a new relationship, and ultimately the life I wanted. When I tell the story I often get told ‘oh my god you were so brave!’ and I still laugh at the thought of that because at the time (once I had decided to go for it) I really didn’t have a choice – the wheels were set in motion and I just had to ride along! I knew that had I continued with my life I would have ended up miserable, resentful, and regretful, so in hindsight, it was the best decision I ever made.
Since then life has continued to throw everything it could at me from multiple job losses, financial worry, chronic pain, bereavements – you name it!! And yet here I am, resilient AF, still fighting my way through life! I detest toxic positivity – sometimes life is utter shit, sometimes you aren’t the ‘weather-maker’. BUT, I will say this – do not think that without these struggles you are not ‘strong’… you have supreme strength lurking within you just ready and waiting for you when you need it (because you will!), and you WILL rise.