Hannah Morrow
Hannah Morrow

Hannah M.

The pain that you are feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming.

I am a strong women because I choose to take the worst situations and turn them around.

At just sixteen years old, I realized that my widely trusted doctor had been assaulting me under the guise of a medical treatment for the past 5 years. He stole my innocence, but ignited a fire in my eyes to be an advocate for other survivors of sexual assault. I spoke up against him in court in January 2018, and haven’t stopped speaking up since.

Even though constantly sharing my traumas with my peers and mentors is draining, I know that my story could inspire others to share their story, or give them the courage to seek help for their struggles. I used my voice to fundraise nearly $10,000 for two organizations that helped victims of sexual assault. I also shared my story during two press conferences in DC at the Senate. The goal of these conferences was to make changes in laws that make sports safer for athletes. One quote that has inspired me throughout my rollercoaster journey is “The pain that you are feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming.”

I know that while life may be challenging for me now, it is necessary to develop a better, safer, more equal future for women everywhere!