Denise C
Denise C

Denise C.

Since the day that I met Denise she has been nothing short of an inspiration/mentor and the glue that holds me together in hard times.  She has shown me that there is always some sort of good in everyone and it’s up to you as the individual to find that.

She always puts her needs secondary to everyone she meets weather it’s decorating for one of the boys birthday parties or just an open ear for someone to talk too.  It always amazes me what she plans throughout her day which seems so impossible for someone to get done,  but as always she gets it done and more.

Her work ethic is above and beyond and is truly inspirational to see that she still actively wants to learn new things and wants to excel and encourages others around her to do the same.  I look back at her accomplishments just to name a few ; Running Multiple Marathons, Highly recognized Tahitian Dancer, Brazilian Jujitsu Practitioner/Competitor, College Graduate,  and Outstanding Mother. I say to myself anyone that meets this women is truly Blessed.

Thank you Denise for always bringing out the good in me and everyone that you meet, Thank you for loving me unconditionally as I have always said to you my main goal in our relationship is to insure your happiness, not because I feel like I owe you something but because you truly continue to empower the best out of me.