Camila N.

I consider myself lucky to have met a woman who inspires me to a better person. My wife shows me what it means to be strong in countless ways, but there is one way in which she truly inspires me. She is always able to laugh.

A laugh seems like such a simple thing. It’s so much more than that, though. When some one fakes a laugh you can tell almost immediately. It’s not genuine. There’s no heart in it.

My wife, no matter how tough times are, is able to laugh. She has the strength to look at a moment that can be challenging and pull it apart. Once in pieces she finds those shining moments of positivity and laughs. It’s that energy and that strength that I feel has carried me through challenging moments in my life. She often reminds me of a Charlie Chaplin quote; “To truly laugh you must be able to take your pain and play with it.”

There’s no doubt she has experienced pain. We have struggled with family, careers, where to live and more. In all of those moments of pain, though, she has never stopped laughing. She has never stopped remaining strong.

And I’m better for having her in my life.